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 Turkish Air Lines has flights from Istanbul to Konya every evening (-) and from Konya to Istanbul every morning at (-). There is also a night train to Konya that leaves Istanbul from Haydarpasa station; it is slow, but comfortable. You can get tickets in Sirkeci train station (in Eminonu). A third option is to use the bus. This takes 7 to 8 hours, and is very comfortable. Recommended bus companies ( Ozkaymak, Kontur). Like every city they have free services from many places to the main bus station. TÜRK HAVA YOLLARI KONYA-İSTANBUL, İSTANBUL-KONYA UÇUŞ BİLGİLERİ 

Turkish Air Lines Flight Information Konya-Istanbul,  Istanbul - Konya

New Pegasus Air Lines has flight to Konya



    Museums' in Konya     Beysehir&Eflatun Pinar



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