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Toros mountains nomadic sack (Chuvals) is woven by Turkish soumak tecnique. These ones woven S. of Karaman north of Mut town.  In general they are woven like runners, they made motifs for the front side and back part left empty, some of back parts have decorated with little designs. In  most of the nomadic sacks brown wool (undyed) used for the weft and as well for warps. Some times goat-hair used for both also one of each.. When a sack woven like a runner after edges are sewed together with very strong tecnique one of the side left open to fill it later, as the last work the tasseles swen as ornaments. The tasseles are braided  by old women.  It is ready to use as stroga bag or to decorate interior side of the nomadic  goat-hair black tent. These Chuvals are 40-50 years old, used synthetic colors, wool on wool,  or wool on goat-hair. The very young ones are decorated with very few designs.

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Mut Cuval

76 x 105cm

2' 6 x 3' 5

Back Part




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