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    Carpet is a product of handicrafts previously began to be used especially as a floor covering due to the climate conditions and then further used in tents houses, mosgues and palaces. Carpet is woven on a vertical loom. In carpet weaving the vertically stretched warp-rope is named as "Argac". The wefts which are tightly knotted along the width of the carpet is  called "ARIS". The knots are tied on one or two " ARGAC"s on carpets. The system of the knots tied on one  "ARGAC"  is not used in the Art of Turkish Carpet weaving.  If the knots are tied symetrically on a pair of "ARGAC"s then it is called a Turkish (Gördes) knot, where as if asymetrically tied, then it is called as Sine(Persian) knot. The first knotted carpet was found by Rudenko in Siberia during the excavations in the Region of Altay at the fifth of the "Pazırık Kurgans" (Pazırık Tombs). This carpet which is dated 5-3 centuries B.C, is exhibited in the Museum of Hermitage-Leningrad.     How to Clean Your Rug

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