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BEYSEHIR; Located 100 km west of Konya on the way to Antalya and Isparta.  Beysehir has the richest of historical and natural beauties. The turquise waters of Beysehir Lake, surrounded by forest and flora, welcome you to paradise. On a dozen Islands in the lake, it's possible to observe untouched reserves of natura and to cath various species of fish. Important historical and touristic sites include Esrefoglu Mosque and mausoleum, Tas Medresah, Cifte Hamam (Turkish Bath). Bedesten (market) the Kubat Abad Palace on the southern coast of the lake, and Beysehir Bridge. Beysehir was sumer resort for the Seljuk Sultans in 12 century.  In the nearby towns of Huglu and Uzumlu, world famous hunting rifles are manufactured and exported.

 larusi 133.jpg (3196226 bytes)   Door of the Esrefoglu Mosque In Beysehir.

Eflatun Pinar1            Eflatun Pinar2               Eflatun Pinar3

THE FASILLAR MONUMENT: Dating from the period of the Hittite Empire, this stone statue of the Great Good Tesup is one of the largest roch monuments in the world.  Sun, we will update the Fasıllah Monument photo.

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