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The ancient ruins of Sagalassos are situated 7 from the town of Aglasun in the province of Burdur.   The city lies on Mount Akdag,  a spur of the Western Toros range, at an altitude of between 1450 and 1700 metres. Human settlement in the area goes back to 12,000 BC, and Sagalassos itself reveal traces of settlement going back to 3,000 BC. Arount 1600 it became part of Pisidia, but otherwise its history remains wreathed in mist until the arrival of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. 001sagalassos.jpg (22214 bytes)      More Images from Sagalassos

Sagalassos was renowned for its courageous and warlike inhabitants, who put up a vigorous defence against Alexander's army. The city was finally conquered after the lossof five hundred lives in a battle which took place on billtop facing the city. Sagalossos enjoyed of prosperity after Alexander, and thoughout the Hellenistic period (333-25 BC) was the second most important city of Pisidia.  In 25 BC Sagalassos became part of The Roman Empire and in the 1st century AD became the foremost city of the region.

From then until the early 3rd century the city enjoyed a golden age and many magnificent buildings were constructed here. In 518 AD a violent earthquake struck. Although the city was subsequently rebulit, another earthquake in the 7th century destroyed not only the city but its water sources. Lack of water and disease were compounded by the Arab incursions, and finally the city was abandoned altogether. Lanssildes from Mount Akdag gradually buried much of the city and, thus protected, Sagalassos lay concealed in bibernation for long centuries.

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