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THE SOFREH OF KAMO.  Translated by: Shirin Samii. ISBN: 946 - 306 - 064 - 0

In the latter part of 1988, a new group of rustic flat weaves appeared in the Tehran Bazar, whose existence was unknown previously. These textiles which were all sofrehs, attracted my attention since their appearance coincided with the publication of my book Bread and Salt, which was at the final stages of its preparation for publication. The busject of this book was the introduction of sofrehs ( dining spreads) and namakdans ( salt containers) from all over Iran.

Kamo is a village in the rural district of Joshaqan and in the district of Meymeh, the township of Kashan, situated in the north east of Meymeh. This village is situated in the oustskirts of Karkas mountains. The Karkas mountains are a part of the central mountains range of Iran, which run from the nort to the south. 


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