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                                                      The Mediterranean Coast.  Perge, Antalya, Turkey.             

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    Perge sprawls alog a plain between two high hills. One of the hills once held the former acropolis; that is gone, but most of the city's public buildings remain. Perge is the closest and most convenient ruin to Antalya. Perge is the easiest of the ruins in the Antalya area to see.

     History: Until the upstart Antalya came along in the second century, Perge was the first major city east of the Lycian Mountains. Owing to its (former coastal location and its position near the Cestrus River, trade funneled through the area and it was already establishedat the time of the Trojan War. Hittite records mention a city called Parha on the Kashtraha River, which seems a macth for Perge on the Cestrus. Then as now, Anltalya probably produced an abundance of crops, including citrus.

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