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       Kilim cushions: There is much history behind the weaving culture which can be seen especially in the making of the small pieces. Nomadic tribes made bags that were generally used for storage but also for tent decorations. However, even those made for storage were beautifully decorated. They come in a variety of shapes. The foundation weave is often made of goat hair in black and brown colours. Some of the many nomadic tribes who inhabited different parts of Turkey, including the region around Konya, are now settled in villages. As a result, their everyday needs have changed. Those in the vicinity of Konya, pastoral tribes living in different parts of the Tauros Mountains, became settled farmers. Even now there are some very small tribes who carry on their ancestral nomadic culture, herding goats and sheep in the mountains.

Kilim Pillows

         Living in a home, as opposed to living in tents, meant a big change. Women developed new ways of using their weaving skills. One such new creation was the weaving of cushions for use in their living room or the guest room. Some cushions were made particularly for weddings by girls who were preparing for marriage. This rich weaving culture flourishes today in the form of modern and traditional designs, creating interesting ideas for new generations. Nowadays, cushions and bags are often used as wall hangings. Cushions and bags we have available are all hand made, around 20-30 years old and from the Konya region.

Mut Chuvals (Bags)  

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