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How to Clean Your Rugs, or Kilims !

For cleaning your rugs or kilims, the most important thing is what it is made of. For wool on wool or wool on cotton rugs or kilims, it is essential that it must be washed in warm water,  using wool or carpet shampoo and soft brush, and for piled rug it must be combed consedering the direction of weaving. In the washing process you should follow these steps. 

A-     If your rugs or kilims are synthetic dyed, it shouldn’t be kept in water for a long time, it is because the colors may bleach. The piece should be washed on floor where water able to easily run down. Use wool or carpet shampoo and soft brush.

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B-     For the natural dyed rugs or kilims, you can use hot or warm water using wool or carpet shampoo and shoft brush.

C-     If your carpet or kilim has stain or dirt on a certain part of it, before washing the whole textile just drop a full spoon amount of thinner  on dirt or stain rub smoothly with a soft piece of clothe, if you are not able to do it with a soft piece of clothe, you can use a tough brush (not a metal brush).

D-     Please keep in your mind that any hand made product of textile or weaving should not be put in a washing machine.

E-      For drying your carpet or kilim, the perfect way is lying your rug on floor and let it to take enough sunshine and hang it from the middle of it. Synthetic dyed pieces shouldn’t be left under the direct sunshine not more than two days

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F-      Adding vinegar in to the last washing water would give your carpet or kilim an extra brightness.

G-     Please pay attention for piled rugs; they are must not beaten with a stick for taking the dust out, it is because that leads loseness of knots and harms durabilty of your rug.

H-     If you have any questions or any doubts for washing or cleaning, please do not hesitate asking any advice from us.




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