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We can recommend these books to those who  want to learn more about Oriental Rugs and Turkish kilims, cicims, and weaving  techniques as well as about natural dyeing process.

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THE RED DYES.  COCHINEAL, MADDER, AND MUREX PURPLE.    A World Tour of Textile Technigues.

ISBN - 1- 887374-17-5

COCHINEAL, MADDER, AND MUREX PURPLE. They were obtained from three of the four elements: the glowing scarlet color from the insignificant cochineal scale insect, the warm red madder color from the root fibers of limy fields, and the blue-red purple color from molluscs in the great oceans of the world.  Together with the deep blue indigo color, the three red dyes would become the most significant and indispensable colors in the world's history,

This book reveals the fascinating history of how the natural red dyes came to various people and cultures centuries ago. Gösta Sandberg's narratives are filled with tension and drama. Historical events, tragic experiments, and amusing anecdotes are interspersed with well-informed descriptions of how the dyeing was carried out - the most complicated dyeing process ever invented by humans - is covered in depth.

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