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      We can recommend these books to those who  want to learn more about Oriental Rugs and Turkish kilims, cicims, and weaving  techniques as well as about natural dyeing process.


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THE COLLECTION. I have been a collector since my days at university. My interests were always manifold and they have consolidated over the years. I could never see and love just one " beauty" or restrict myself to only collection objects of the same kind.  That is why I am equally interested in pieces of art from the Far East and the Islamic world but also in works of modern art; I collect antique and modern objects of art and craft, and I am a lover of Suzani embroidery and of Persian and Anatolian flat weaves. Ignazio Vok.


ISBN: 3-93 1105-04-0 German Edition.   ISBN-3- 93 11 05 05 - 09 English Edition.

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