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    The Caroline & H. Mccoy Jones Collection ANATOLIAN KILIMS.

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  The Caroline & H. Mccoy Jones Collection ANATOLIAN KILIMS  The Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco.    HALI PJBLICATIONS.   ISBN 0-88401-068-6   CIP

This book includes  many colored photos' of Anatolian Antique Kilims with an explanation of designs. " DISCOVERING THE ART OF ANATOLIAN KILIMS, Anatolian kilims are weavings of tremendous power; I have come to sense that they represent a language that has its roots in an inspiration so ancient yet so profound that it speaks to us over great distances of time." Garry Muse. INTRODUCTION 1- All forms of art of a permanent order are intended not only to please and to excite...but to call into play the entire human capacity - for sensation, reflection, imagination, and will. We judge a work of art, ultimately, with reference to its capacity to effect this total mobilization of our faculties"   Wyndham Lewis.

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